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We form a team based on the position and industry expertise

Mika Yletyinen

Mika Yletyinen

Senior Advisor

+358 40 045 2870


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My background is in demanding business management positions and as a CEO. I have international experience in private equity, stock exchange and expert companies. I have worked as a sparring partner for management teams and individuals, as a board professional and also as an advisory board member. The company’s growth strategy with its demanding measures, such as sales, execution and monitoring, is one of my strengths.

I have received my management experience from internationally known players such as Nokia, Intel and TietoEvry, so I recognize and know how things can be taken forward in very different ways. In addition, my work has taken me to live in four different countries, so I am familiar with different cultural challenges and solving them.

I am at my best in environments where digitalization and the utilisation of ICT are at the core of my business.


Who are we

For us, our motto “Value through people” means the importance of people in creating value for our business. This is a core value in our work, as we know that the foundation of our success lies in each member of our team.


We are business professionals from different management positions and industries with long experience in finding the right employee for each position. From this, we formed our common “SAM” community, where at least two of the most suitable consultants participate in each application process.

The values that guide us

We stand behind equal working life – and we do not accept discrimination of any kind.

For us, all human beings are equal – of course. When we look for the most suitable candidate for each assignment, we highlight not only competence but also suitability for the organizational culture and companys future goals. We present people as personalities and experts who can influence the future success of the company.