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About Us

Who We Are

For us, our motto “Value through people” signifies the importance of individuals in creating value for our business. This is a core value in our work, as we know that the foundation of our success lies in each member of our team.


We are business professionals from various leadership roles and industries, with extensive experience in identifying the right employee for each position. This has led to the formation of our collective “SAM” community, where each search process involves at least two of the most suitable consultants for the task. We ensure not only that the most competent candidate is hired for the position but also that your company’s values, leadership style, and culture are a mutual fit.

Guided by Values

The quality of working life does not emerge in a vacuum. It is created by each of us – how we treat each other, how we support each other, and how we collectively strive for better results.


We stand behind equal working life – and we do not accept discrimination of any kind. For us, all human beings are equal – of course. When we look for the most suitable candidate for each assignment, we highlight not only competence but also suitability for the organizational culture and future goals. We present people as personalities and experts who can influence the future success of the company in their own way.


Why Choose Us?

Guided by Values

Our Executive Search Process

A guaranteed high-quality process delivered in 4-6 weeks