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Board Recruitment

Board Recruitment

Board work is becoming more professional and requires a new approach to recruitment. We offer member searches that take into account the owner’s will, the company’s strategy, and the company’s current situation. Each search is unique, and our experienced professionals help define the right candidate profile. Our search is based on extensive networks and is not limited to just board professionals.

The Importance of the Process

Board members play a key role in the company’s strategic decision-making and long-term success. They bring valuable experience, insights, and networks that can open new opportunities and help the company navigate a complex business environment. The board search focuses on finding individuals who can add value to your board and support its strategic goals.

Finding the Right Talent

The board search is not limited to active job seekers but also extends to passive candidates who may not be actively looking for new roles but have the necessary skills and experience. This enables your company to find the best possible talent to complement the board’s expertise and bring new perspectives and innovative ideas.

Startegic Partnership

Each board member is significant in building the company’s success. The board search is not only about finding individual candidates but also about building long-term partnerships. The board search is an investment that can significantly enhance the efficiency and strategic capability of your company’s board.


We conduct current state analyses of boards, assessing the board’s skill base, identifying skill gaps, and creating succession planning. Choose SAM Headhunting and ensure that your company’s board has the best possible talents supporting the company’s success and growth.


We believe that the board:


  • should have members who are committed and have sufficient time allocated for board work and act as support for management
  • should operate vertically
  • should have methods and culture that impact the overall success of the company
  • should have its way of working managed
  • should have methods and culture that radiate and strengthen the company’s culture
  • should embrace diversity as it brings undeniable benefits to the company’s success

Board Recruitment

How to Form a Winning Board

The future winning board focuses on the future and the opportunities it brings. Board diversity has been proven to offer undeniable benefits for the company’s success, such as a diversity of thoughts, innovation, change, and growth. People and culture are the driving force behind all our operations, and in board work, experience alone is not enough. Cultural fit, team dynamics, enthusiasm, attitude, and energy are essential for the board’s success. When successful, this radiates throughout the entire company and its stakeholders.

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