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Executive Search

We have been helping companies find key personnel for over 20 years. Our consultants act as headhunters, management consultants, and coaches. All of us have long and extensive experience in business services.

Our consultants represent various industries and all possess solid expertise, ensuring that we find the best talents for your organization. We are the right partner for demanding direct searches, business and personnel development, and managing change situations.

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Board Recruitment

Let us help you assemble a winning board. The future-winning board focuses on the future and its opportunities. Board work is becoming more professional and requires a new approach to recruitment. Board diversity has been proven to bring undeniable benefits to a company’s success, such as diversity of thought, innovation, change, and growth. The SAM Headhunting consultants collectively have over 200 years of board experience and over 100 years of CEO experience. We want to offer this expertise to ensure the success of your board.

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Interim Management as a Service

Your company may encounter situations where a qualified manager is needed quickly, but permanent recruitment is not a feasible or appropriate solution. Our interim management service provides a quick and flexible response to this need according to your requirements.


We offer experienced and skilled managers for short-term assignments to ensure that your business continuity and success are not jeopardized in critical situations. Our pool of interim managers, extensive networks, and experienced executive search consultants enable us to quickly find the right interim manager for your company’s needs.

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We support leaders in transition situations with our “New Path for Leaders” – Executive Outplacement concept. Our coaching begins with initial assessments. In a deep interview, we explore with the leader their personal overall situation and future goals, aiming to understand the value base guiding decision-making and achieving the person’s holistic well-being.


Through discussions, personal assessments, and other methods supporting the individual’s strengths, we identify the leader’s strengths, motivation, and find a new direction. This forms a strong foundation for the job search process, which we support from start to finish with simulated job interviews, our own networking events, LinkedIn optimization, and CV refinement. A dedicated SAM coach supports you throughout the entire process. Together we will find the best new direction.

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How We Form the Best Team for You

Our consultants are experienced business leaders from various industries. We ensure success with a team that understands the client’s industry and the role being sought. We take care of establishing the correct search profile and support the final interviews with candidates. Within 4-6 weeks, we will find you the most suitable candidate who is not only skilled but also motivated to start the role and fits well with your organizational culture.

How to Assemble a Winning Board

The winning board of the future focuses on the future and the opportunities it brings. Board diversity has been proven to offer undeniable benefits for a company’s success, such as diversity of thought, innovation, change, and growth. People and culture are the driving force behind all our operations, and in board work, experience alone is not enough. Cultural fit, team dynamics, enthusiasm, attitude, and energy are essential for the board’s success. When successful, this radiates throughout the entire company and its stakeholders.

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”We have now completed projects with SAM and definitely want to continue our collaboration. The projects have been high-quality and well-managed, resulting in successful recruitments. SAM stood out from previous assignments with their speed and excellent communication. We are extremely satisfied overall. SAM has made a great effort in challenging the headhunting field. I have been very positively surprised by how closely and yet qualitatively the headhunting and recruitment process can be managed – we have hired very suitable candidates after SAM’s 6-week process. I did not believe this was possible, but it was!”

Teija Lehtola

Teija Lehtola

Vice President Human Resources

Digita Oy