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Headhunting of Leaders

Headhunting, or executive search, is a specialized recruitment service that helps organizations find and attract the best possible leaders and key personnel. This process combines deep expertise, extensive professional networks, and thorough candidate assessment to ensure companies secure the most suitable talent. Headhunting is particularly crucial when aiming for top-level executives whose strategic vision and expertise can be pivotal to a company’s success.

Headhunting doesn’t focus solely on active job seekers but also targets professionals who may not be actively looking for a new position but have the potential to bring significant value to the organization. This comprehensive and targeted approach ensures that companies place the right individuals in leadership roles, supporting organizational strategic objectives and long-term success. The headhunting process is designed to identify individuals who not only meet the job requirements but also complement and strengthen the company’s culture.

Why is headhunting important?

Headhunting is an investment that can bring significant benefits to a company. Choosing the right leader can be a critical factor in a company’s success. The headhunting process ensures that your company secures the best possible leader who supports the organization’s goals and values. By entrusting recruitment to professionals, you can focus on your core business, confident that your company’s leadership is in capable hands.

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The headhunting process begins with understanding the company’s needs. Together, we define the skills and experience expected from the future leader. This stage also includes analyzing the company’s culture and strategic objectives to ensure that the identified person fits well within the organization.

Next, we leverage our extensive networks and industry databases to identify potential candidates. Headhunting extends beyond active job seekers to professionals who may not be actively looking for a new job. This way, we ensure that we find the right person for the role.

Pre-screening and assessment are critical phases in the headhunting process. We conduct in-depth interviews, background checks, and if necessary, psychological assessments to ensure that the candidate meets all specified criteria. In addition to evaluating professional skills, we assess the candidate’s personality and motivation.

Once we have identified and assessed the top candidates, we present them to the company. At this stage, we support the client in decision-making and negotiations, ensuring that the chosen candidate commits to the company in the long term. It is crucial that the new leader integrates smoothly into the organization and starts adding value as quickly as possible.

The headhunting process does not end with finding and hiring the right person. We also assist the new leader in integrating into the organization. We ensure a smooth transition and monitor the new leader’s progress, providing support and guidance as needed.

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”We have now completed projects with SAM and want to continue our collaboration without hesitation. The projects have been of high quality and well-managed, resulting in successful recruitments. SAM stood out from previous assignments with their speed and excellent communication. Overall, we are extremely satisfied. SAM has effectively challenged the headhunting field. I have been pleasantly surprised by how tightly yet effectively they can manage the headhunting and recruitment process – we have hired very suitable candidates after SAM’s 6-week process. I didn’t believe this was possible, but indeed it was!”

Teija Lehtola

Teija Lehtola

Vice President Human Resources

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