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Interim Management as a Service

Management as a Service

Your company may face situations where a competent leader is needed quickly, but a permanent recruitment is not possible or appropriate. Our Interim Management service provides an answer to this need. We offer experienced and professional leaders for short-term assignments, ensuring that your business continuity and success are not compromised in critical situations. Our pool of interim managers, extensive networks, and experienced headhunting consultants enable us to find the right interim manager quickly for your company’s needs.

When is an interim manager the right solution for your company?

Typically, an interim manager is sought in the following situations:

  • Organizational changes: Your company is undergoing significant changes, such as mergers, acquisitions, or restructurings.
  • Project-based needs: You need an expert leader for a specific project, such as launching a new product or implementing a new system.
  • Crisis situations: Your company faces a crisis that requires swift and decisive leadership, such as a sudden departure of a leader, market shock, or other unexpected events.
  • Leadership gap: A permanent leader is absent for an extended period, for example, due to sick leave or parental leave.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help your company succeed. Together, we will find the right solution for your temporary leadership needs. Our partner Jouni Saarinen is happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding interim management!

Why choose Interim Management?

  • Speed and flexibility: An interim manager can be hired on short notice and can start working quickly. This is especially useful when facing sudden changes such as organizational changes, projects, crises, or temporary gaps in the management team.
  • Expertise and experience: Our interim managers are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge across various industries and business areas. They bring a deep understanding of leadership, strategic planning, and operational activities.
  • Benefit of an external perspective: A temporary leader provides an outside perspective and new ideas, which can help your company find innovative solutions and improve business processes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: An interim manager is hired as needed, making the service a cost-effective alternative compared to permanent recruitment. You only pay for the services you truly need, without long-term commitments.

How do we operate?

For interim assignments, just like our headhunting services, we assemble a team where headhunting consultants with leadership backgrounds have experience in the client’s industry and the role being sought. This ensures the right search profile, understanding the client’s goals for the interim manager, and quickly finding the right person. The stages of the assignment are as follows:

  • Mapping: We thoroughly understand your company’s needs and challenges, searching for suitable candidates from our interim pool, networks, and through headhunting methods.
  • Proposal: We present the most suitable interim managers with the necessary experience and expertise.
  • Start: The interim manager quickly starts their work and smoothly integrates into your organization.
  • Support and follow-up: We provide continuous support and follow-up to ensure that the interim manager achieves the agreed objectives.

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